Estimate and create contracts

Contract templates, customer database, offer generation (and PDF export), versioning, notes… Contractor has a full toolbox for General Contractors. The template system allows you to set up a structured set of work tasks, price them using unit multipliers, with or without taxes, all the way to custom-created PDF templates that contain your legal text and clauses ready to be sent to your clients.

Check out also the iOS version!

Iterate your contracts
You can iterate your contracts as changes occur, while keeping the history for reference.

Flexible templates
Build your contracts from templates, selecting the items you need and don’t need, and you can always add more.

Export PDF contracts
The template system can automatically generate a full contract proposal, down to forms for signing

Spreadsheet editor
Edit your contract details using a spreadsheet to ease the transition from your favorite spreadsheet program.

Mobile version
View and edit your contracts on a mobile device and send contract PDFs straight from your phone or tablet.

System requirements
MacOS 12 or newer
iOS 15 or newer (mobile version)
Apple ID / iCloud account

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