Software application development

This is our core business. We develop software applications. Some may be public and available on platform storefronts, such as Apple MacOS / iOS App Stores, some are tailor-made to suit specific businesses. If you’re interested in having software created just for you, please fill the form on the Contact Us page.

Check out the Apps page for publicly available apps and games by OOTB.

Already have an application / system and want to update, fix or revise it? We specialize in this.

Hardware design, prototyping and manufacturing

We design custom hardware, including their electronics, PCBs, embedded systems, materials and casing. These are usually released under our retro hardware brand and products are available on the website.

Workflow and process automation

We help companies streamline their manufacturing processes, whether dealing with physical or digital assets. If you’re tired of repeating the same steps over and over (or paying people to do so), we may be able to offer a solution, please fill the form on the Contact Us page.

End-to-end system architecture and implementation

Let’s talk.

Contractor? Please check out our software suite designed for you!